BorderPatrol SE-i/Jupiter capacitor upgrade.

The BorderPatrol DAC has been made in S, SE and SE-i versions. This upgrade relates only to the SE and SE-i versions.


The BorderPatrol DAC SE and SE-I models made prior to 2020 used Uptone Audio Musicap polypropylene film and foil or Jensen paper in oil coupling capacitors.

SE-i DACís made in 2020 use Jupiter beeswax cryo capacitors.

The upgrade replaces the Musicap or Jensen caps in pre-2020 DACís with the latest Jupiter caps. It costs $295 which includes return shipping.

Compared to the Musicap, the Jupiter has a more organic, natural character with better focus and definition and a richer, fuller tone.

Compared to the Jensen, the Jupiter has better focus and definition and richer, fuller tone.

To proceed, post the DAC to

BorderPatrol Audio Electronics LLC,

11864 Sidd Finch St, Waldorf, MD 20602 Tel 301 705 7460

Preferred payment is by check for $295 payable to BorderPatrol Audio Electronics LLC but payment by PayPal is also an option.

I hope you decide to do it.

Best regards,

Gary Dews


BorderPatrol Audio Electronics LLC
Waldorf MD USA

E-Mail BorderPatrol Audio Electronics or call 301 705 7460 for more information