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The winner of a prestigious HiFi Choice Editors Choice award and featured in the HiFi Choice Collectors Edition, the BorderPatrol Control Unit is a high quality tube pre-amplifier that combines the very best tone and resolution coupled with the ability to swing real dynamics and remain graceful and composed on all music programs. The super low noise floor reveals nuance and inflection that is lost by other designs and brings the listener closer to the players.

Staying true to the BorderPatrol design ethos, an elegantly simple triode audio circuit constructed with top quality components is fed by a sophisticated over-engineered power supply unit. Housed in a heavy gauge copper chassis, the point -to-point hard wired audio circuitry is mounted on a hardwood sub-chassis.

The Control Unit is equally at home playing all music genres and we are sure that it's musical capabilities will more than exceed your expectations.

All Control Units are fully upgradeable to EXT2 specification.


Single stage triode line-stage pre-amplifier. 
Zero negative feedback.
Hard wired audio circuit.
Copper chassis.
Tube rectified LCLC choke input filter PSU.
Inputs: 5 x line level inputs marked as Phono, CD, Tuner, Line and Tape but any line-level component such as a DVD player or VCR can be used.
Outputs: 2 x outputs to facilitate bi-amping or connection to an active subwoofer.
1 x tape out. This output can also be connected to 5 channel processor.
Frequency response: -3dB 7Hz-200kHz.
Input voltages: 0-220-230-240V or 0-110-115-120V
Recommended Interconnect length: <5m. Low capacitance interconnects are recommended.
Dimensions: 450mm x 350mm 120mm


Available in three versions: Control Unit EXD with built in low distortion twin power transformer power supply, EXT1 with external heavy duty low distortion twin power transformer power supply and Control Unit EXT2 with dual mono construction and twin external heavy duty low distortion twin power transformer power supplies.

If you own a BorderPatrol Control Unit and would like to upgrade it please contact bp@borderpatrol.net