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A refined, natural,
human sounding DAC


The perfect antidote to aggressive
fatiguing digital reproduction.

Upgrade your BP DAC to the latest SE-i Specification
with Jupiter Beeswax HT Capacitor

Used and Ex-Demonstration Items Available this Month and Important Info About Living Voice Loudspeakers

Innuos ZENith MK3 1TB


BorderPatrol P20EXD

Power amplifier. 20W/ch push-pull dual-mono300B amplifier with twin external PSU’s. RRP $19,995 ex-300B tubes. Our price $14,500 including Emission Labs 300B tubes. Excellent condition.

Living Voice Auditorium-Avatar Loudspeaker price reduction.

Following the recent drop in the value of the UK Pound, Living Voice Loudspeaker prices have dropped by as much as 20% on some models.