Living Voice Auditorium Series Loudspeakers

Now in 4/R4 guise following the latest comprehensive revision, the Auditorium Avatar is even more musical and engaging than before with a delightful openness and renewed joie de vivre.

The elegant, opulently veneered compact cabinets fit easily into modern living spaces and the loudspeakers squeeze delicious sound and ridiculous specs from their modest dimensions. With overall sensitivity of 94dB/W, a uniform average 6 Ohm load and bandwidth below 40Hz they might not be breaking any laws of physics but they are seriously bending them.

Each model has a natural tonality, dynamic uniformity and a non-fatiguing, relaxed musicality which effortlessly draws you into the musical performance and ensures long term musical satisfaction whilst the Living Voice Avatar IBX-RW4 and Living Voice Avatar OBX-RW4 are arguably the most musically accomplished compact loudspeakers available today.

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Now on demonstration, the Living Voice Avatar OBX-RW4

Please note that because of the wide range of model and veneer options and that each pair is ordered to the clients individual specification we do not operate the 14-day trail period that is available to purchasers of BorderPatrol brand products.

Cherry / Maple / Rosenut / Walnut $6350
Flat White / Matt Black $6650
Avatar 4  Price
Cherry / Maple / Walnut $7300
Flat White/Matt Black             $8075
Santos Rosewood $8250
IBX-R4 Price
Cherry/ Maple / Walnut $ 8300
Flat White / Matt Black $8750
Santos Rosewood /Ebony / Pippy Oak $9300
Glossy Ebony $11000
IBX-RW4 Price
Cherry/ Maple / Walnut $11625
Flat White / Matt Black $12175
Ebony / Santos Rosewood / Pippy Oak $12725
Gloss Ebony $14945
OBX-RW4 Price
Cherry/ Maple / Walnut $14945
Flat White / Matt Black $15500
Ebony / Santos Rosewood / Pippy Oak $16050
Glossy Ebony $19500
Auditorium R25A
Living Voice Avatar 4
Avatar IBX-R4
Avatar IBX-RW4
Avatar OBX-RW4