Innuos Music Servers

Innuos Prices are set to rise on October 1 2022. Buy now to beat the increase.

These servers partner superbly with the BorderPatrol NOS DAC’s and, of course, other high quality USB DAC’s.

Like BorderPatrol, Innuos place a lot of emphasis on power supply quality. Statement, ZENith and ZEN models use multiple high quality linear power supplies and a linear power supply (LPSU) upgrade is available for the ZEN mini.

Compared to the much more common switching supplies used in other servers, a linear supply gives a much more natural and relaxed sound for stress-free, long term listening.

Please contact BorderPatrol Audio Electronics for more information.

FOR SALE: Ex-Demo Innuos ZENith Mk3 1TB Silver. 1 yr old, as -new condition 10/10. Latest Spec.

RRP $4699 Offer $3995 inc shipping. 

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Zen, ZENith & Phoenix
ZENmini & LPSU


A very versatile music server with USB, SPDIF and Optical Outputs. It also has its own DAC. Great sound, particularly with the optional Linear Power Supply Unit (LPSU).

The highly recomended Linear Power Supply Unit (LPSU) costs $799 or $749 when bundled with a ZENmini.

1 TB $1,399
2 TB $1,549
4 TB $1,799
8 TB $2,149


Silver or Black 1 TB  $2,849
Integrated dual-linear PSU 2 TB $2,999
Isolated dual-ethernet ports 4 TB $3,249
Asymmetrical anti-vibration feet 8 TB  $3,599


Silver or Black 1 TB  $4,699
Triple-Linear PSU with Mundorf Capacitors 2 TB $5,349
Custom-treated SSD 4 TB $6,099
8 TB  $7,949


Silver or Black 1 TB  $15,100
Two-box unit with very sophisticated external PSU 2 TB $15,750
The best server I’ve heard! 4 TB $16,500
8 TB  $18,350

Phoenix USB re-clocker and Phoenix NET audiophile Network Switch

A High Quality USB re-clocker that uses a sophisticated linear power supply.  $3,499
Phoenix NET an Audiophile quality network switch that uses a sophisticated linear power supply.  $3,499


To Purchase Statement models, please contact Gary Dews

Please note that because of the wide range of model and finish options and that each unit is ordered to the clients individual specification we do not operate the 14-day trial period that is available to purchasers of BorderPatrol brand products and we cannot accept returns.