Following the great success of last years Audiofest we are happy to announce we will be at this years event. The dates are July 8-10th. The venue is the Crowne Plaza Hotel Rockville. BorderPatrol will be in Suite 335. We will be showing a selection of our award winning amplifiers, pre-amplifiers together with Living Voice loudspeakers.

August 2010

Living Voice Avatar OBX-RW now on demonstration.

We now have the top model in the award winning Living Voice Avatar series on demonstration. Possibly the most musically accomplished compact loudspeaker in the world!


Capital Audiofest. Thanks to everyone who visited the BorderPatrol room at Capital Audiofest and thanks to organiser Gary Gill and everyone at Glenview Mansions for making it a great show. Links

‘The Living Voice room was, in a word, great. Driven by local amp maker Border Patrol, the parallel 300bs were just hot driving these IBX-RWs. Loved this room. If I’d heard this before I bought all that Joule-Electra stuff, I’d have gotten them. Everything sounded great here. And with absolutely no room treatments, it did make a rather convincing case for why all those other speakers just sucked. If you’re good, you can tell, and these weren’t just good. They were great. I had a marvelous time finding out exactly how far you can push 20wpc on a mid-90’s efficiency speaker. Turns out, it’s pretty far.’

‘The Border Patrol room with Parallel SET 300B amps with separate tube rectified PS on each block sounded really good driving Living Voice speakers.  Nice synergy.  Vocals were great as expected but I also heard one of the best PRAT (pace, rhythm and timing….Ed) on any speakers driven by 300B SET amps.  Is it the British speakers or his amps?  Gary Dews attributed his unique PS for this and he may have something here.   I should check his stuff out as he is local.’