MyAudioPhrenia gives the BorderPatrol SE-i DAC the highest praise and the first 5-Ear award

Some bytes are better than others…

Or what is old can be new again

Bear with me and come back in time to a steamy Mid Atlantic  weekend in July 2010 when Gary Gill took a chance and put on the first Capital Audiofest 2010. This first year was a small event in the Glenview Mansion in Rockville, Maryland, maybe 10 to 15 rooms. Remembering the big Hi-Fi shows at the Shoreham and Washingtonian Hotels when I was a kid, where my father sold LP’s by the thousands, I had no idea what to expect. I drove down from Baltimore on a Saturday morning for a look-see. It must have been 100 degrees by 10 am when I got there. This big house was filled to rafters with people and stereo gear. I remember Jim Salk was showing off some beautiful speakers sporting the new (at that time) Raal ribbons.