BorderPatrol SE-i USB/SPDIF DAC | REVIEW by Dave McNair, Part Time Audiophile

Whenever the talk of my distaste for digital audio comes up among audiophile friends, there are usually two things mentioned. First, I’m asked “What DAC are you using?” The second thing commonly said is “You should hear that BorderPatrol DAC.” Well lucky me, I finally got to spend some time with a BorderPatrol SE-i.

I hear music in digital form just about every dang day while I’m working in the studio. I’ve gotten used to it. It’s almost an occupational hazard, and my brain has learned to compensate. Depending on the skill level of the engineering, the sound ranges from acceptably good to razors hacking away at my eardrums. Digital is merciless. There is not one iota of forgiveness like there is with its older brothers, analog tape machines and analog consoles.