border patrol amp

After hearing such great sound in the Border Patrol electronics room at RMAF year after year, I put Gary Dews’ SE300B amp(s) on my reviewer’s most-wanted list. With the recent moving of my main system into my large upstairs listening space where my 100dB sensitivity Bastanis Prometheus Mk. II reside, the time was right. Since Gary already had individual reviews of each of the three levels of his 300B amps, he suggested that I review all three versions in order to point out what moving up the line will get you. Potential buyers should know that Gary supports his customers with an upgrade path up the line. The three levels of the single-ended (non-parallel output tube) designs are as follows:
1. Standard SE 300B amp with outboard tube power supply
2. EXD 300B amp with same outboard tube power supply
3. EXD 300B amp with EXS tube power supply