BorderPatrol • SE300B Stereo Amplifier by Mark Blackmore

‘The SE300B is packed up for shipment back to BorderPatrol, and I’ll miss it a lot. I was impressed with its great bass coupled with soundstage definition that is so hard to achieve. During my review the amp worked perfectly and gave the impression that it will last for many, many years. The output tubes are expensive, but the rest of the tubes are moderately priced and that counts for something when you’re looking for a long-term amplifier relationship.’

‘I initially thought the SE300B would be a nice, nostalgic-sounding SET amp with lots of lush tone. What I heard was a thoroughly modern-sounding amp that just happens to use antiquated tubes and just happens to produce a mere 8 watts. You should hear this amp, especially if you think you know how a 300B-based amp sounds.