BorderPatrol USB DAC SE Review by Mark Blackmore

“In many respects, the DAC SE is a digital cousin to my Denon DL-103R and Ortofon SPU phono cartridges. Iím a proud owner of both, and now of the DAC SE. I encourage you to seek out an audition because you may become an owner of this bargain-priced DAC too.”

“The BorderPatrol DAC was very good at portraying the layering of depth and the width of the soundstage. My other DACs either highlight the treble to emphasize space and size or have backgrounds so black that images seem to pop out rather than inhabit a place on the stage. The BorderPatrol DAC SE was different, with better integration of images and their surroundings.”

“I have to admit that initially I was so wrapped up in the instrumental and vocal timbre that I failed to notice how well the soundstage developed with both acoustic and studio recordings. The fact that this relatively inexpensive digital-to-analogue converter can produce such musical nuances is pretty amazing.”
Mark Blackmore, THE AUDIO BEAT