BorderPatrol will be showing at Rocky Mountain Audiofest 2014
in Rooms 1102, 1021 and 1022

In Room 1102 the BorderPatrol S20 EXD dual-mono Parallel SET; 18W/ch with twin EXS external power supply units, will be driving the superb Volti Vittora loudspeaker. A BorderPatrol Control Unit EXD triode line-stage pre-amp, with tube rectified, choke input filter PSU, and a BorderPatrol DAC2; a no-over-sampling DAC, with 6SN7 tube output stage in a hardwood chassis with an external tube rectified choke input filter PSU, will complete the system.
Making it’s RMAF debut will be the BorderPatrol USB DAC/USB to SPDIF converter with optional tube Power Supply Unit.

In Room 1022 a BorderPatrol P21 EXD; 18W/ch push-pull with integrated volume control and external PSU will be used with Volti Audio Alura Loudspeakers.

In Room 1021 a BorderPatrol P20 EXD; 20W/ch 300B power amp with twin external PSU’s will be driving the Tub’s Audio M-Supreme. With 96dB, bandwidth down to 30Hz and this dual concentric horn loaded loudspeaker has a very exciting specification.