Room 316 BorderPatrol/Triode Wire Labs/Living Voice

Room 323 BorderPatrol/Triode Wire Labs/Daedalus

‘This room sounded great on all my music, voices focused and properly sized, speakers disappeared leaving a wide and deep soundstage, rich tonality, extended but not bright treble range, tight and punchy bass especially drum kits, and oodles of detail without sounding etched or lean. The Living Voice speakers have an outboard crossover box, which prompts many to ask “what’s the box behind the speakers”? The outboard xover, and 300Bs wi ˘å ˘åÄ;ê h£à˘å@˘å@@˘åers that don’t dominate a room, but are accurate and you can listen to all day without fatigue, call Gary.’
CAF ROOM 316 Kemper Holt. 

‘Paired with the BorderPatrol gear, the sound is heaven. Well,
to this audiophile, anyway.’
CAF Room 316. BorderPatrol/Living Voice/Triode Wire Labs. Scot Hull Part Time Audiophile

In my report from the 2016 AXPONA, I wrote a whole blurb about how I thought the Border Patrol room had the best sound of show, but I couldn’t turn it in because I had forgotten to take photos. (Sorry Gary Dews.) This time, however, Gary had two rooms and maybe they both will win that honour. The loudspeakers were different in each room, but the sound quality and music quality were equally wonderful in both………
Border Patrol might win my “Peace and Crickets” prize for Best Sound two shows in a row.’  Herb Reichert Stereophile

I think Border Patrol amplifiers have the highest “pounds per watt” in all of audio. Gary strongly believes in a stout power supply, and the outboard “boat anchor” heavy external supplies for his amps prove that point. So much iron must contribute to how BIG Gary gets 20 watts to sound. A Border Patrol P20 EXD amp ($16,750), Border Patrol Control Unit preamp ($6,500), and Border Patrol 1543 DAC ($1250), all sat on DiD Daedalus isolation devices, ($480 for set of three). The 1543 DAC is a no oversampling or digital filtering DAC built around the TDA1543 R2R ladder chip, uses a C-Media USB receiver chip, and has a choke input filter power supply with hybrid tube/solid state rectification. I’m sure the 1543 is one reason digital sounded so natural here.
CAF ROOM 323 Kemper Holt.

Posted on July 15, 2016 by theclosetaudiophile

‘I loved going to the Capital Audiofest (CAF) in 2013 and that feeling didnít change this year. Gary Gill, the showís organizer, is always gracious and magnanimous and open to ideas. I donít doubt Garyís enthusiasm for all things audio.’

‘On the two-channel side of the house, I thought the Volti / BorderPatrol room sounded exceptionally good. Volti was demoing their new lower-cost horn loaded speaker, the Rival, alongside BorderPatrolís S20 (with a gain knob for volume control). Their top of the line, non-oversampling, filterless DAC-1 and a CEC transport provided the tunes. All the electronics were wired up with Triode Wire Labs current stock. The sound was dynamic and instantly engaging. Midrange and treble were finely textured and never harsh or piercing. Bass was surprisingly tight and tuneful, given the tiny room they were working with. Just an all-out stellar performance and easily the best sound at the show.’

‘In-room, the sound was warm and inviting ó this was an absolutely non-fatiguing set up arranged for all-day immersion. This was a kick-ass room.’

CAF Room 323. Borderpatrol/Daedalus/Triode Wire Labs.
Scot Hull P
art Time Audiophile