It has been revealed that a cunning plot by anti-establishment audio anarchists BorderPatrol has been foiled by the mainstream audio industry.

In a shameless attempt to indoctrinate unsuspecting audiophiles with the virtues of triode amplification that has real dynamics, bass and frequency extension, together with unsurpassed resolution, the quasi-undercover organisation has mounted a triple-pronged attack on the Rocky Mountain Audiofest this year.

With BorderPatrol occupying Room 582 and co-conspirators Volti Audio also using the controversial amplifiers in rooms 586 and 590, audiophiles are even more at risk
of exposure than last year.

A spokesperson for the mainstream audio industry said: ‘This has to be taken very seriously! Its one thing to have triode amps at these shows, but triode amps with great bass and dynamics: That’s very dangerous! Visitors will be advised to avoid these three rooms.’

Another audio insider, who wished to remain anonymous commented: ‘This is highly toxic material we are dealing with. It could shake the foundations of the whole industry!’

Not much information exists about this covert organisation, BorderPatrol. File reports place them out of England, but their current operating base may now be found in the cultural wilderness of Southern Maryland. More recent sightings have them at audio shows in Washington and Denver, to great critical acclaim. Some say they have invented a type of power supply that gives triode amplifiers exceptional dynamic capability.

Whilst we can’t verify the claims for the power supply it seems they have amassed a loyal cult following during the 20 years they have been operating.

A spokesman for BorderPatrol initially declined to comment but later issued this statement: ‘We just wanted to prove to audiophiles that you can have it all. Is that so bad?’

With wild claims like these, it’s no wonder information about this Utopian
band of audio heretics has remained suppressed for so long.

Check what all the fuss is about in Room 582.

Treatment for accidental exposure will be available in the Krell room.