‘What’s wrong with Florida in February’ my colleague ‘Triode’ Pete of Triode Wire Labs likes to say.

Well, the nice warm weather is a welcome break for those of us that live in more northern States, but if you think that the only reason we do the FLAX show is for the weather you would be wrong. FLAX is an excellent audio show. It is well-run, has a great vibe, and has plenty of high-end audio companies showing their wares.

This year, as in all the previous years, I drove to Tampa FL to team up with Volti Audio and Triode Wire Labs. BorderPatrol, Volti Audio, and TWL have shown at all the FLAX shows since its inception.

The excellent Innuos ZENith/Phoenix music server/USB re-clocker supplied the bits. The BorderPatrol NOS DAC SE-i did the D-A conversion and the BorderPatrol S20 EXD parallel single-ended amplifier supplied the juice to the Volti Audio NEW Rival and RazzLE loudspeakers which were rotated throughout the weekend. All cabling was by Triode Wire Labs.

Like in previous years, the sound in the room was great and we got plenty of positive feedback from attendees and the audio press.

Thanks to Greg Roberts and Pete Grzybowski of Volti Audio and Triode Wire Labs for continuing to make great products. Thanks to Kevin Jackson at Innuos for support, and thanks to Bart and all the show staff for making the whole experience easy and enjoyable.

And a final mention to Marjorie Blaumert of RMAF who visited the show and came to our room. It was great to see you, Marjorie.