Rumors are coming in that audio subversives BorderPatrol have jumped the boundaries of their own room 582 at the Denver Marriott and have infiltrated Volti Audio rooms 586 and 590.

Quite how this happened is not yet clear but a spokesman for Volti Audio was overheard saying ëwe opened the door at CAF 2010 when we asked BorderPatrol if we could borrow an amp — and theyíve been appearing in our rooms ever since.í Observers had no explanation for the look of smug satisfaction on the spokesmanís face.

The Volti spokesman went on to say: ëthereís something special about the way the BorderPatrol amplifiers play, something Iíve not encountered in other triode amplifiers. Just choose whatever music you like, and they play it! Itís amazing!í

Clearly suffering from overexposure to BorderPatrol electronics, he was taken under protest to the Krell room for corrective therapy where he later emerged with an altogether different expression.

Volti Audio’s Greg Roberts
before treatment.

And after: Clearly on the way
to full recovery.


The industry is doing all it can to prevent this but itís obvious they are running scared. Few in the industry can remember anything like this happening before but an industry veteran commented, ‘The last time something like this happened was when CD players threatened to take down the whole industry. The difference is, back then, we knew who they were, but with an organisation like BorderPatrol, itís a whole different ball game!’

An RMAF organiser, who wished to remain unnamed gave this statement. ‘We just love BorderPatrol. They’re so cheeky!’