BORDERPATROL SE-i DAC – Fully Assessed

The BorderPatrol SE-i DAC is a small black box that produces music in an awe-inspiring, grand scale!

To summarize, the sound quality of the SE-I is quite simple to encapsulate. It is amazingly natural and musical in its overall tonality and full audible presentation. With an exuberant, opulent midrange response and silky high end, this DAC will give the music lover some of the finest reproduction qualities that you may ever experience in a Digital to Analog converter.

There is no doubt that after living with the SE-1 for a few months, it is hard to switch back to some other DACs that one may have sitting in the dugout. Indeed, the BorderPatrol SE-1 has left an indelible mark on my musical senses and I believe that it may well become a permanent resident of my audio system; this appears to epitomize everything here on a grand scale!

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