This year BorderPatrol will be showing with Volti Audio in Room 1102 and Snake River Audio/Sonist Loudspeakers/Baetis servers in Room 431. The Audio Beat will also be using a BorderPatrol amplifier and Living Voice IBX-RW loudspeakers in their speaker set-up seminar.

Room 1102: BorderPatrol/Volti. Volti will be bringing the Vittora, a high sensitivity multi-way horn that generally knocks people’s socks off when used with BorderPatrol electronics (check out previous Volti show reports). We will be supplying a BorderPatrol S20 EXD, BorderPatrol Control Unit EXD and Borderpatrol DAC2.

Room 431. BorderPatrol/Sonist/Snake River Audio/Baetis. A Borderpatrol P21 amp will be used with a Baetis music server and the Sonist Concerto 4 which at 97dB/w promises to be a terrific pairing.

We will also be supplying an amplifier and Living Voice Avatar IBX-RW loudspeakers to the Audiobeat where industry veteran, former editor of Hi-Fi Plus, contributor to The Audiobeat and general audio knowledge-pool Roy Gregory, will be delivering system set up seminars.