BorderPatrol S20 EXD and SE300B EXD amplifiers, BorderPatrol Control Unit pre-amp and new BorderPatrol SPDIF NOS 1543 DAC working at the Voxativ Loudspeaker presentation at Sound Arts Gallery Rockville MD.

Right: Voxativ Arpeggio powered by BorderPatrol S20 EXD with built in volume control and Emission Labs EML300B, BorderPatrol 1543 NOS DAC (SPDIF VERSION) and CEC TL3N transport.

Below: Voxativ AC-1.6 Driver in 200hz SousaHorn on 15 inch Folded Horn Base Unit powered by BorderPatrol SE300B EXD with Emission Labs EML300B tubes and BorderPatrol Control Unit pre-amp.

Thanks to Capital Audiofest’s Gary Gill and Paul Elliott for hosting the event and help with set-up and photography.