Scot Hull: This single component defies many conventions and audiophile assumptions. It’s not FPGA-based, it’s not a streamer-enabled endpoint, it does not support high-resolution audio files. Like, at all. There’s no filtering, no over-sampling and no up-sampling. All of that means, to the computer-savvy audiophile, that this DAC really shouldn’t promise much. And yet it does. It offers one of the most open-sounding, transparent and full-range presentations I’ve ever heard.

John Richardson: A month or two after hearing Scot’s unit, I purchased my own.

Part-Time AudiophileI cheerfully confess that this DAC has been the most entertaining thing to hit my rack in years. The performance easily earns the BorderPatrol DAC SE an Editor’s Choice award, but also puts it firmly into Best of the Year territory. An absolute must-listen.’ Scot Hull, Part Time Audiophile

‘I encourage you to seek out an audition because you
might become an owner of this DAC too.’
Mark Blackmore

Steve Guttenberg mugshot‘Right away I knew the BorderPatrol wasn’t just another digital converter;
there was more life, more body and soul to the sound of files.’

‘Once I stopped comparing and just listened, I fell in love with the sound. BorderPatrol has a musicality that you just don’t get from everyday digital gear.’ Steve Guttenberg C-Net

What's Best Forum (WBF Forum)Saxophone tone was also great, usually a sore spot for digital. And get this: the gutsy and weighty tone, the tremendous dynamics and transient speed, and the large soundstage came all through a BorderPatrol NOS DAC priced around 1400 bucks. No joke. It was really confusing. Al Moritz, What’s Best Forum Axpona 2017.